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As a parent you have a vital role to play in developing your child's speech and language.

Babies communicate with you from the moment they are born. You can help them by simply talking to them. This will help your child become a confident communicator who is able to learn, make friends and achieve their full potential in life.

Try the activities and tips below to encourage your child's development.

Exercises for the lips

  • Blowing out candles one at a time (encourage children to make lips into an "oo" shape)

  • Blowing bubbles

  • Play blow football with straws

  • Blowing tissue paper, cotton reels, ping pong balls or feathers across a table

  • Blow instruments such as kazoos, whistles, carnival blowers

  • Blow bubbles through a straw dipped in water

  • Blowing though plastic tubing such as a beer making tube (available from Boots)

  • Blowing candles out through a straw

  • Blowing out candles making "puh" sound

  • Blowing paint or glue across paper to create a picture

  • Push lips forward for kissing a teddy or doll

  • Push lips forward and make round shapes in a saucer of icing sugar

  • Using a mirror for children to watch themselves making an "oo" shape with their mouths

  • Using a mirror to watch themselves making alternate fish faces and smiling faces

  • Try and hold a pencil between lips and nose

  • Suck and hold a paper fish on the end of a straw

  • Play the "Tricky Job" game (write forfeits onto the back of small pieces of paper, eg jump up and down, blink 5 times, pretend to be a chicken: Children take it in turns to suck up the paper using a straw and do the activity)

  • Put a thick spread such as Philadelphia onto a child's top lip and encourage them to remove it with their bottom lip. Then put on bottom lip and encourage them to remove it with the top lip

  • Use a straw to drink thick liquids such as smoothies

  • Play a game of picking up bite sized pieces of fruit, eg apple, firm banana or pear from a plate using only their lips. Over time introduce smaller pieces or raisins

  • Practice humming tunes at singing time.

  • Blow out cheeks and let air escape through lips

Exercises for the tongue

  • Lick sticky paper, envelopes, home made fruit lollies, etc

  • Coat the back of a spoon with something sticky and encourage them to lick it off

  • Chewing bread sticks, rice cakes, sponge fingers, cream filled water biscuits or dried fruit

  • Dip a lolly stick into thick spread such as Philadelphia and encourage them to lick it off

  • Lick food off a plastic plate such as jam or hundreds and thousands